About Us

Meet the Sisters Behind HoneyBin.Co

Hi! We're Rhema and Bethel, two sisters in college and high school who created HoneyBin.Co to share our interests with other fans! HoneyBin.Co was originally created as a scrunchie business, Honey & Scrunch, where we started off selling scrunchies in our town's craft fair. As we grew, we developed new interests and wanted to make apparel that was for fans by fans. Our goal is to build a brand and business that is not limited to a certain fandom or niche item. We want to create clothing and items that anyone no matter what fandom or interest can enjoy and love. None of this would be possible without the love and support we receive from you guys! We love talking with you and the friendships we’ve made. To those who have been there from the beginning and are joining us know, we can’t wait to grow with you as we grow too! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for turning this little craft fair booth into our dream shop. 
All the Love, 
Rhema & Bethel <3

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