HBCO Care Guide

Please refer to the description of the product you got to find which category applies to your items. 


Wash items inside out to prevent damage to design on a gentle cold cycle with mild detergent. Remove immediately after being washed and dry (we recommend air drying, but machine on gentle will work). Iron inside out and never on the design. Please note there might be white backing on the inside of your item, this is the backing of the sweater allowing the design to stay stable. DO NOT REMOVE.


Spot clean your item always. Crochet products are delicate and washing in a machine is not recommended. If you prefer to wash it in a machine, place items in a mesh laundry bag before washing. Machine wash on the lowest temperature and on a gentle cycle. Lay the item flat and let it air-dry.

Puff Vinyl

Wash inside out on cold water in a gentle cycle. Tumble dry the item on low. 

Heat Pressed Designs 

Wash on a gentle cycle in mild to warm temperatures inside out on a full spin cycle. Tumble dry or hand to dry your item. DO NOT BLEACH YOUR ITEM. If possible use detergent designed to keep color from fading. If you need to iron it, iron it inside out on the back of the shirt.

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